RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon)



Pedestrian activated with adjustable duration

icon-solar icon-batt-25 icon-warranty

Solar powered

20 days battery autonomy*

5 year limited warranty

icon-range-110-rrfb icon-rrfb-directions icon-color-housing

Wireless range of 110 yards

Single or double sided

Green, yellow or black housing



The JSF Tech Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk system is the new standard for mid-block crosswalks. The RRFB crosswalk system is completely autonomous and shares the reliability of the standard round JSF Tech crosswalk beacons. Each unit is solar powered and does not require external power. The units within an RRFB crosswalk system communicate with spread spectrum radio. What this means is there is no trenching or digging up the road. No hook-up to the electrical grid and no power bills. Installation can be conducted without road closures and often only requires 1-3 people.

Most two lane roads only require a pair of back-to-back RRFBs. Larger, 4 lane roads can benefit from a third median back-to-back RRFB. One-way roads can make use of single-sided RRFBs. Additional single-sided RRFBs can also be installed in advance of the crossing when visibility is obscured or traffic speeds are high.




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Push Buttons

  • Greenlite Push Button

    Greenlite Push Button

    Simple and robust pedestrian push button. Available in black, green or yellow.


    - Flat back
    - One piece construction
    - Powder coated
    - Internal working parts coated with
    multi-purpose lubricant with teflon
    - Available in black, green or yellow

    - Polished aluminum

    - Neoprene gasket
    - Standard stainless mounting hardware
    - 4 1/4-20 x 1 hex head bolts
    - 4 flat washers
    - 4 nylon washers

  • Bulldog Push Button

    Bulldog Push Button

    Interactive pedestrian push button with illuminating LED and tone on button press. Available in green or yellow.


    - Superior die-cast aluminum, powder-coated body.
    - Independently lab tested to NEMA 250 (6P) specifications.
    - Available in green or yellow.

    - Marine-grade 316 stainless steel.
    - 2" ADA compliant button withstands severe impact from baseball bats, skate boards, etc.
    - Activation with less than two pounds of force.
    - Ultra-durable long-life - tested to 300 million operations.
    - Piezo-driven solid state switch provides two-tone audible confirmation as well as visual LED confirmation.


* Based on a usage of 300, 20 second activations per day of a beacon with fully charged batteries.

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