School Zone Beacons

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Adjustable scheduling and mobile device activation

icon-solar icon-batt-30 icon-warranty

Solar powered

25 days battery autonomy*

5 year limited warranty

icon-range-900 icon-ledsize-amber icon-color-housing

Wireless range of 1/2 mile

8" or 12" round LED signals

Green, yellow or black housing



The JSF Tech School Zone system runs on a preset schedule and is ideal for school zone speed limit signs installed on the roads surrounding a schoolyard.

This system is absolutely autonomous, does not require external wiring or electrical set-up and is completely self-contained. This means there is no trenching or digging up the road. No hook-up to the electrical grid and no power bills. Installation can be conducted without road closures and often only requires 1-3 people.

This family of beacons is available for a variety of road sizes and needs. They vary from single pole top beacons to full overhead sign bracket and beacons assemblies.




Cellular Connection
This family of beacons specializes in customized remote scheduling. Schedules are created with JSF Tech's School Zone Scheduling Website; from there, the schedule can be sent wirelessly from the comfort of your computer desk to the installed beacons. Schedules can consist of regular weekly activations but also exceptions for days off or additional special events.

Direct Connection
A direct connection method of scheduling can be used as an alternative to a cellular connection if service is not available in your area. It retains all the functionality of the cellular connection method, but schedules are uploaded manually instead of remotely.




Beacon Types

Primary Beacon
"Primary beacons" include cellular communication. They receive and store schedules created with the JSF Tech School Zone Scheduling Website. When an activation occurs, the Primary beacon relays the activation command to all Secondary beacons with-in a 1/2 mile range. By having a Primary beacon and a network of Secondary beacons for a school, only one schedule is needed; the Secondary beacons will follow suit of the Primary.

Secondary Beacon
"Secondary beacons" rely on Primary beacons to receive their activation commands. Secondary beacons do not include cellular communication and must be with-in a 1/2 mile range of their Primary beacon. A single location should include one Primary beacon; all additional beacons should be Secondary beacons.




Models (all models are available as primary or secondary beacons)

  • SZ-1400

    School Zone: 1400 Series, Single, pole top mounting.

  • SZ-2400

    School Zone: 2400 Series, Dual, pole top mounting.

  • SZ-3400

    School Zone: 3400 Series, Dual, overhead mounting.

  • SZ-5800

    LED-Embedded Sign

  • SZ-7400

    School Zone: 7400 Series, Dual, vertical pole mounting.


* Based on a usage of 120 minutes per day (average) of a beacon with fully charged batteries.

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